A facility employee has tested COVID-19 positive as of Wednesday, 8-25-21.  The employee has not been working the past 5 days and tested today prior to coming into the facility, so we are hoping the limited exposure has helped in reducing the risk of others being exposed.  Because of the high County positivity, the facility continues to test all staff weekly.  With this new exposure, all residents will be tested every 3-7 days to ensure no exposure has occurred. 

We will continue allowing resident visitation with the guidelines listed below dated 8-6-21.  All individuals must wear masks in the facility and keep them on at all times, as well as during outside visitation.  Please be aware the community and surrounding areas are experiencing a high volume of positive Covid-19 cases, as well as hospitalizations.  


Due to the High County Positivity Rate, the facility will continue to follow limited visitation guidelines stated in the 8-6-21 communication below.


A facility employee has tested COVID-19 positive as of Thursday, 8-5-21.  All staff and residents will be testing every 3-7 days to ensure no exposure has occurred.  The community and surrounding areas has increased in the number of positive cases.

Present visitation requirements are:

  • Not more than 2 visitors per resident, in the facility at any one time.
  • Use alcohol sanitizer upon entering the facility, and before and after any contact with residents.
  • Visitation is allowed in the resident’s room – not in the Juniper or Dining Room.
  • Visitors age 4 and older are required to wear masks the entire time in the facility.
  • No visitor eating or drinking while in close contact to residents.
  • Residents are encouraged to not go “out on pass” while the county positivity rate is high.  
    •    However, if residents choose to go out, masks are encouraged to be worn at all times.  
  • Visitors that choose to be tested prior to visiting will be provided free testing.
  • Outside visitation is allowed, with a limit of 4 visitors per resident and 6′ social distancing.   
  • Visitors with any symptoms are not allowed to visit, unless testing resulting in COVID-19 negative.


A facility vendor has tested COVID-19 positive and had direct contact with 4 residents.    All staff and residents will be tested and some more often than others, depending on the vaccination rate and the potential for exposure.  Since Lamb County currently is at a high positivity rate, we are continuing to test unvaccinated staff weekly and immediately for staff or residents with any symptoms.  If any positive case should arise, we will document it on this site.

Otherwise, we continue to screen everyone coming into the facility and require wearing masks while in the facility.  The guidelines listed below on      3-29-21 continue to be the general visitation practices.  However, please call before coming, as certain residents are in quarantine following this most recent exposure.


A facility employee has tested COVID-19 positive.  We will be following very similar guidelines, with a few changes. 

All visitation will now require ringing the front doorbell and being screened by staff.  This will continue for 10-14 days, depending on future testing of staff and residents.  Please call before visiting to ensure knowledge of all guidelines on visitation.    


Visitation has opened up to the public with the following guidelines:

  • Self-screening is required with temperature and COVID questions answered.
  • Masks required while in the facility
  • No eating or drinking while in the facility
  • Use alcohol sanitizer or wash hands prior to visiting
  • Visitations are limited to resident rooms or isolated areas – not in the Juniper Room
  • Limit of 4 visitors at any one time per resident room.
  • Social distancing required 


Changes effective today:

  • Testing is no longer required for Essential Caregivers (screening still is required)

  • 2 Essential Caregivers are allowed to visit at the same time

All other requirements remain the same such as: screening and temperatures; masks required; remaining in resident’s room or secluded area for visitation; Visiting hours 1pm-4pm; 

Outside visitation is allowed with a limit of not more than 5 visitors at any one time.  Visits must be scheduled.


Testing for staff and Essential Caregivers has been reduced to once a MONTH due to the decline in the Lamb county positivity rate. 

Outside Visitation has been re-instated and allowable upon scheduling.  Outside visitors do not have to be tested; must pass screening questions regarding COVID-19; be limited to not more than 5 individuals per visit; and visit between the hours of 1pm-4pm.


Testing for staff and Essential Caregivers has been reduced to once a week due to the decline in County Positivity rate.


Residents going out with family for appointments or going out on pass:

  • Must schedule in advance;

  • All individuals that will be in the presence of the resident during the outing, must test prior;

  • Testing will be at the expense of the individual, unless they are already an established “Essential Caregiver”;

  • All involved must wear a mask during the entirety of the outing;

  • Responsible parties must strongly encourage and assist residents in keeping their mask on during the entirety of the outing.

We realize these guidelines are only as secure as the individuals agreeing to follow them.  

Residents need visits from family and friends – AND – residents staying away from exposure help keep other residents safe from exposure.  

Thank you for your assistance in helping us provide both these important factors to our residents.


Beginning Monday, December 28th

We will begin NEW TIMES FOR Essential Caregiver Visitation: 

1-4pm  7 days a week.   

New Essential Caregiver training and initial testing must be done during the weekday.

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