7-10-20 COVID NOTIFICATION – 2 additional residents have tested positive, bringing the total to date to 20 residents, with positive staff remaining at 7.  30% or residents and 7% of staff have tested positive for the covid-19 virus. Responsible parties have been notified. 

Monday, an environmental infection control contractor will come to disinfect the entire facility.  This will be done in shifts, taking residents out of their rooms for approximately 30 minutes while their rooms are disinfected.  Common areas and staff work areas will be disinfected as well. 

7-9-20 COVID NOTIFICATION – Total residents to date is 18, with 7 direct-care staff;  4 of those residents remain asymptomatic.   We have re-arranged the facility to create a wing for strictly covid residents with care provided by covid assigned staff.  Our goal is to contain the virus to one area and protect those residents testing negative.  I would like to thank the staff!  So many have stepped up to the challenge and are going above and beyond!  Also, all those working the covid area volunteered for the position.  High praise also goes to our county’s Emergency Management team that have provided N95 masks, gowns and face shields!  Proforma had donated 1,000 N95 masks early during the pandemic, which certainly helped us get past the first 100 days without infection!  We feel fortunate to not have run out of PPE supplies at any time during this crisis.  We are currently awaiting covid testing results of the remaining 25 residents in the facility.  Results are not expected to be in until Friday morning.  Responsible parties will be immediately contacted if any of those should test positive. 

7-7-20 COVID NOTIFICATION – As of 5pm today, the facility has 13 additional residents testing positive and 3 employees, bring the total of positive COVID-19 cases to 5 employees and 14 residents.  Responsible parties have been notified.  Due to the rapid rate of infection, we will be testing the remaining facility residents and staff to determine where to better focus the isolation and spread of the infection, and due to the asymptomatic properties of the infection.  I have been asked how the community can help.  As of today, we are still fully staffed and able to maintain the level of care necessary.  However, I would like to be prepared for future days, in the event more staff become sick and we become short staffed.  I would like to develop a list of potential volunteers, should staffing become overburdened and resident care be compromised.  Duties can be anything from passing meal trays to assisting in housekeeping, laundry, dietary or resident care.  We will fit the task to the volunteer’s comfort and skill level.  Hopefully – this avenue will not be necessary but it would be nice to have a potential list to relieve the anxiety of potential future concerns.  Thank you community, families and friends.  You have always been our solid rock and we appreciate your continued prayers.  —-Sincerely, Dona Kelley Thompson, Administrator

7-3-20 COVID NOTIFICATION – This post is to serve as official notice that Runningwater Draw Care Center has a second employee that received a positive COVID-19 test and notified the facility at 5:30pm on 7-2-20.  The employee lives in Plainview.   The facility has one resident, a secured unit (Periwinkle) resident, that has tested positive for COVID today. Their responsible party has been notified.  All residents in the Periwinkle secured unit are isolated to the unit and will be monitored for signs and symptoms.  We have increased isolation procedures, as well as staffing strictly to the unit and not co-mingling staff with the rest of the facility.  Please continue to keep our residents and staff in your prayers during this time.  We will continue to use this site to keep everyone updated.  VISITATION by way of window and tent are still being offered and scheduled for residents not in the secured unit, by calling                    806-240-5469.

7-2-20 COVID NOTIFICATION – This post is to serve as official notice that Runningwater Draw Care Center has an employee that received a positive COVID-19 test and notified the facility at 4pm 7-1-20.  The employee wore a mask the entirety of their last shift worked on 6-28-20, but did provide direct care to residents during that shift.  The employee does not live in Olton.  We will continue to follow all infection control procedures as well as monitor residents and staff for signs and symptoms.   

6-30-20 – VISITATION

We are trying to create an area where families can visit with residents with ease of hearing and seeing, yet remain 6 feet apart.  Due to COVID restrictions as well as recent positive cases in Olton, we are still not allowing visitors in the facility.  We will begin scheduling an area, using an empty resident room, a screened window with 6′ distance barrier and shaded area for visitors.   Visitors will need to wear a mask, check in and be screened at the front door. 

Guidelines are as follows:

*Call (806)240-5469 starting July 1st.  Phone-in scheduling will be available 7 days a week from 9am-5pm. 

*Masks must be worn the entirety of the visit by all visitors.  

*No limit to the number present to visit at any one time.

*Time of visitation limited to not longer than 1 hour.    

*Call the number listed above for more questions.   

Thank You    


Our facility has been experimenting with different ways to provide visitation of residents that will still keep everyone safe.  We will be opening up one area for visitation starting July 1, with different ideas coming later.  For those interested, it requires you schedule a time to visit.  Starting Wednesday, July 1st, please call (806) 240-5469 for scheduling.  Visitation will be 7 days a week from 9am-5pm.  The new phone line will not be available until Wednesday morning on the 1st. 

Thank You


CMS guidance issued Apr. 2 states that for the duration of the state of emergency all

NF personnel should wear a facemask while they are in the facility.



For safety and prevention of COVID-19, our facility will keep the doors locked to anyone entering.  Vendors and others needing assistance can call or use the door bell for assistance.  Only essential staff will continue to work and be screened at the beginning of all shifts.  Screening involves questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms and exposure, as well as temperatures.   

Families and friends – please stay in contact with residents through Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, Duo or other social media sources.  We can assist if you need help setting up your phone with the appropriate app to be able to do so.   We can also assist in you seeing and visiting between closed glass windows and doors.  Just let us know and we will help set that up.  Cards, letters and art work are also appreciated. 

Thank you for helping us with supplies.  At the present, we have what we need and have found sources that hopefully will be helping us re-stock within the week.  We appreciate all you do for our residents and our staff!  Stay safe Olton!


Our facility is requesting supplies from anyone that may have extras.  We have not been able to restock due to the shortages.  We are not out yet – however see that restocking as soon as needed probably will not occur.  If anyone has the following, we would appreciate it.  We can purchase items,  and of course we appreciate all donations:  

Masks   *  Rubbing Alcohol 60% or greater   *   Aloe Vera   *   Hand Sanitizer   *   Clorox Wipes   

  • Nursing homes have now limited visitors to only those of residents at the end-of-life.
  • Communal dining has been discontinued.
  • Group activities have strict guidelines and limited numbers in a group at any a time.
  • Any residents going out-on-pass will not be allowed back into the facility until a 14-day self quarantine has occurred (specific exceptions may occur due to medical necessity)

Residents are NOT being isolated in their rooms yet.  We are hoping this will not become necessary.

Thank you for your help.



RDCC will be hiring or accepting volunteers for the position of Door Monitor starting Monday 3-16-20.  Beginning Monday, call (806)285-2677.  You may also fill out an application on this site – under the EMPLOYMENT category, then fax to (806)285-2176 or bring by the facility. 


While our facility is temporarily not allowing visitors at this time, there will be exceptions.  Family and/or Responsible Party are allowed visits for a limited time, when the following exist:

  • A resident is experiencing a significant medical decline;

  • A resident has been newly admitted within the last week ;

  • A resident has returned from a hospital stay within the last week; or

  • Psychosocial family visitation for residents that have potential for decline in that area.

The facility discourages residents going out on pass.  If they or their responsible party choose to do so, they are encouraged to avoid large crowds or areas where the general public go – home visitation being safer than public areas.  Please be aware of those individuals you are in contact with while out, and to what extent they are subject to potential exposure from the public .

We will try and keep this site updated as changes occur.

Thank You again, and feel free to call or email for concerns or questions.

phone: (806)285-2677         email :

Dona Thompson, Administrator                              Marisa Eubanks, Director of Nurses

Please check CDC website for Coronavirus information:




The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid and CDC have released information specific to nursing homes and assisted livings for protection from the coronavirus, COVID-19. 

The At-Risk population is 65 years and older and/or have underlying medical problems.  Prevention is most critical.  All nursing home and assisted living residents are considered HIGH-RISK.  For this reason, the following has been implemented:

  • No visitors.

  • Vendors will be screened prior to entering the facility.

  • If you have questions, call (806) 285-2677 or email

 Thank you for your consideration and protection of our residents.

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